Memories of My Dad

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Thursday, 26 June 2014 00:00

Memories of My Dad

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Byers LevyIt hasn't been a year yet since Dad passed away and the emotions still hit me like a truck when I least expect them.  It's amazing how any little thing you see or hear can remind you of a lost loved one and some special time you spent with them, and good times were not something we had a shortage of with a guy like Byers in our lives.  He had such an amazing gift of always remaining young at heart and we always saw him not just as a father figure, but a friend as well. 


His nearly endless supply of energy could handle anything four rambunctious kids could ever throw at him and then some, and he always had something fun planned for all of us to do together.  Biking, swimming, basketball, endless Monopoly games, movie nights, hallway football (pretty much exactly what it sounds like), and family trips were just a few of our favorite things to do with our Dad. 


Our parents divorced when I was 9 years old, and at that young age it was very difficult for me to understand what was going on.  Despite all the turmoil, Dad always made it very clear to us even back then that he fully intended on seeing his children grow up and being a part of our lives and it was a promise he kept his entire life.  We are all very lucky to have been imbued with his best qualities: a passion for life and it's wonders, an ability to find the humor in any situation and laugh accordingly, and the importance of making a commitment and sticking to it no matter what.


And despite the emotional tone of this article so far, I feel compelled now to emphasize just how fun-loving and goofy my Dad was.  His sense of humor was world-renowned and he was always joking around and making us laugh whenever and wherever we were.  This child-like approach to life actually inspired us to start this charity because making kids smile was one of his most beloved pasttimes and he always did it with such ease.  We combined that attribute with his favorite hobby, biking, and was born.  It is through this organization that we hope to carry on his good name and inspire happiness in young children the same way that he always did in us.

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Jason Levy

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